Fulton County Georgia Quiet Title Attorney

Attorney Jim Fletcher at the Fletcher Law Firm leads the firm’s real estate practice.

If you are looking for a quiet title lawyer in Fulton County Georgia, contact our firm at (404) 409-5665, because we have significant experience in the Fulton County Superior Court.

A quiet title action regarding property in Fulton County, is started by filing a Petition with the Fulton County Georgia Clerk of Superior Court.  As of 2015, the fee to file is $216.00, plus $8 for each additional party after the initial petitioner and defendant.  Sheriff service is $50.00 per defendant, if you request it.  Filing the Lis Pendens costs $5.00 for the first page, and $2.00 for any additional page.  The Clerk has several offices, but the primary location is at the Fulton County courthouse at 136 Pryor Street, Atlanta, GA 30303.