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Court should not appoint Special Master sua sponte for Conventional Quiet Title

For a conventional quiet title action, only the Plaintiff may request a special master.  The holding of the Court of Appeals in the case of Patel v. Patel, 802 S.E.2d 871 (Ga. App. 2017) reversed a trial court for appointing

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Get a transcript for Special Master proceedings to preserve appeal

Special master proceedings often occur in a conference room instead of a courtroom, and may seem informal.  However, the Court will eventually rely upon findings made by the special master.  Therefore, if you want to be able to seek appellate

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Who should pay the special master in a quiet title action?

The special master procedure used in a conventional quiet title action is the same as is used in an action to quiet title against all the world. O.C.G.A. 23-3-43. It is up to the Court to set “reasonable compensation” for

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