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Court should not appoint Special Master sua sponte for Conventional Quiet Title

For a conventional quiet title action, only the Plaintiff may request a special master.  The holding of the Court of Appeals in the case of Patel v. Patel, 802 S.E.2d 871 (Ga. App. 2017) reversed a trial court for appointing

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Quiet title judgment may be obtained by default after service by publication

When a defendant in a quiet title action is served by publication, their deadline to respond is 60 days after the Order for service, and they are in default if they do not then answer.  Once 15 days to open

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Sovereign Immunity applies to Conventional Quiet Title For Now

In the case of TDGA LLC v CBIRA, LLC, 298 Ga. 510, 512 (2016), the Georgia Supreme Court held that “the State and its agencies are immune from suit under OCGA § 23–3–40” which is the conventional quiet title procedure.

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Quiet title can be used to set aside a forged deed

If you own property, and someone forges a deed which purports to convey your interest in the property, what should you do? In 2010, the Georgia Supreme Court, in the case of Brock v. Yale Mortg. Corp., 287 Ga. 849, 700

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